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Kids encouraged to look Beyond the Plate at food art event

posted Apr 5, 2018, 12:44 AM by NMIT Class

Paris Eggers, and Ashlee Easton, 16 from Waimea College take cooking classes at NMIT,  students are working towards ...


Paris Eggers, and Ashlee Easton, 16 from Waimea College take cooking classes at NMIT, students are working towards creating food art for an up comming event.

A wall covered in donuts, a sushi bar and a bread installation are on the menu at an upcoming food art event. 

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) culinary arts diploma students are hosting the Beyond the Plate event next month and want to inspire others to get creative with food.

NMIT tutor Chris Fortune said the students came up with the idea for the two-day event and were responsible for its project development, engaging with schools and marketing the event. 

"Beyond the plate meaning – it's more than just what you have in front of you, it's about your whole relationship with food."

The event will feature food art installations from local school students. A canape party would be held on the evening of April 11 and would include a donut wall and sushi bar. There would be interactive food demos, charity auctions and opportunities for people to participate. 

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Beyond the Plate showcases culinary art for charity

posted Apr 5, 2018, 12:42 AM by NMIT Class


Last updated 05:00, April 5 2018

NMIT students are playing with their food and they're encouraging others to do the same – all in the name of charity. 

A group of six second year culinary art students are hosting Beyond the Plate, a food art event and exhibition which gets them out of the kitchen, into the community and creating more than just an edible spread.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology culinary arts chef tutor Chris Fortune said the displays included lifeboat provisions in an art format, forks hanging from the ceiling, donut walls and a sushi bar.

The culinary art students were recently in the kitchen with Nelson College for Girls students creating hats, he said.

"Hats that have got sprouts coming out of them, hats made out of lotus leaves, hats made out of dried oranges and lemons" and they'll all be displayed at the event.

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